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Dokmateo on Balance Mimi
lovely portrait!

Jen on Balance Mimi
Fun shot

Kenny on Powerful Mimi
Okay, where's Biker-chick Mimi, Bad-ass Mimi, or Slutty Mimi

cristoF on Wild Mimi
excellent portrait!bien vu!!

Janine Kelly on Missmimosa
Very Fun!

Janine Kelly on Mimisicle
Very clever title :) Beautiful photograph!

Steve on Wild Mimi
Very nice!

Nazzareno on Mimisicle
I like your portrait.

Kenny on Mimisicle
Yes, I think she's turning blue.

tulip on Beautiful Mimi
nice photo

Nazzareno on Sexy Mimi
brillaint portrait and light . bravo

Nazzareno on Missmimosa
A beautiful smile for a beautiful portrait

DIMITRIOS on Happy Mimi

DIMITRIOS on Misterious Mimi
a captivating photo & look!

kisskool on Happy Mimi
i like the expression of model

Sonia Nansid on Happy Mimi
Lovely portrait.

Jessica Richter on Happy Mimi
Really great shot!

Leah Kay on Mimiskucha
great portrait. i love her expression (and she has absolutely fabulous hair and i love it)

Tom on Mimiskucha

Kenny on Mimiskucha
I like the Mimi series, good job.

alireza on Mimiskucha
nice view. good job

gezz on Mimiskucha
quirky i like it.......

Shahryar on To where Mimi?
nice :)

kisskool on Brazilian Moldovian
very nice shot!

Fade ToBLACK on Brazilian Moldovian

alex centrella on Brazilian Moldovian
nice catch ...

Jen on Water Mimi
Very Very pretty shot

Stefan on Water Mimi
Nice shot, well done!

klauSZ on Water Mimi
great framing and a very pretty compo in white shades! perfect mood and very sensitive!

DIMITRIOS on Water Mimi

klauSZ on Fun Mimi
very funny and extrordinary portrait! so full of life! great one!

Janine Kelly on Mihaela 8

Janine Kelly on Mihaelita
what beautiful hair!!! a nice candid looking shot!

Janine Kelly on Mihaela
a very beautiful model!

silent photos on Mihaela in Baker City
nice shot...

silent photos on Mean Mimi nice shot ...great..

Dornbrau on Mean Mimi
This is a wonderful portrait of Mean Mimi.

H.S. on Missmimikey
Beautifuly framed! great vivid colors!

gautam on Mihaelita
bela foto

gautam on Missmimikey
muito bonita...

Shahryar on Missmimikey
nice shot :)

Stefan on Missmimikey
Fine image, great!

Hiro on Missmimikey
Wow ! Super model ?

DIMITRIOS on Mihaela

DIMITRIOS on Mihaelitz
A dramatic, theatrical approach in this frame

Juliango on Mihaela
A good one !!! so much details ! bravo !

Tanay on Mihaelita
Beautiful smile and great pic

Garfield on Mihaelita

Curly on Mihaelita
This is one of the better poses from your session, looks lively, happy, got some "zing".

João Mourão on Mihaelita
Lovely portrait.

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